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How to Meaningfully Engage Young Social Innovators in Pandemic Recovery

In the midst of uncertainty and global crisis, youth are innovating.  At Digital Opportunity Trust, we’re seeing inspiring examples of youth social entrepreneurs in our network that have the digital skills, gender equality, and facilitation knowledge necessary to rapidly innovate and intervene where their communities need it most.  They are tackling the education crisis with […]

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017 with #DOTYouth

For Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017, three #DOTYouth hosted Facebook Live video chats about their experiences as entrepreneurs, social innovators, and changemakers. They shared their entrepreneurship journey, what inspires them, and advice for other young social innovators and entrepreneurs. If you missed the Facebook Live events, you can check out the videos below! Shadrack Kamenya, Tanzania I’m […]

My advice: idea first, capital second

Rwandan social entrepreneur and mentor at FabLab, Lambert Rulindana, shares some advice for entrepreneurs and changemakers. Transcript: I’m Lambert Rulindana, I’m coming from Rwanda. What I can tell the youth who are looking at me now is: Don’t be afraid of anything. Don’t look for capital before you generate an idea. First, generate your idea […]

Every solution is driven by motivation

Enam Agbozo, founder of Radix Nest in Ghana, shares some advice based on her experience as a social entrepreneur Transcript: Hello, my name is Enam Agbozo, from Ghana. I want to share with you some two quotes that I have coined from my experience starting a social innovation and going through the journey. The first […]

3 Inspiring Lessons from the 2017 DOT Unconference

For three inspiring days, these daring young innovators shared their business ideas and collaborated to find better ways to improve their communities. The workshops were run by youth themselves, and there was a lot of learning happening. Here are three of our favourite lessons. Global ideas are useful at a local scale Winnie Nyato is […]

LinkedIn for social entrepreneurs

Ivy Barley Co-Founder, Developers in Vogue Accra, Ghana @ibivarley Often, social entrepreneurs get carried away by the many tasks to be completed and forget an important piece – social media! “Well, after all, who cares about social media when I have to be in the field making things work,” they say. Social media, when used […]

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