Every solution is driven by motivation

Advice for social entrepreneurs from Enam Agbozo, founder of Radix Nest in Ghana

Enam Agbozo, founder of Radix Nest in Ghana, shares some advice based on her experience as a social entrepreneur


Hello, my name is Enam Agbozo, from Ghana.

I want to share with you some two quotes that I have coined from my experience starting a social innovation and going through the journey.

The first one is that “every solution is driven by motivation.” The moment motivation dies, the solution loses its touch, which is to say that if you don’t have the motivation for starting something, you can’t keep it going.

Once the motivation dies, your solution dies with it. The motivation is what will keep driving you, and keep you through the hard times that will come.

A second one is that “every individual is a well of wisdom.” It only takes somebody who is concerned enough to draw out that wisdom.

I learned this because during my user research, I spoke to people who otherwise are normal people but after speaking to them you realize that there is so much wisdom that is in them. So if you don’t try to get to know somebody to find out what they have to tell you, you wouldn’t know the amount of wisdom that they have stored up in their heads.

I hope this will help you in achieving something. Thank you!

About Radix Nest:

Youth unemployment is reaching an all-time high because of the large gap in skills, knowledge and exposure among youth. At Radix Nest, we are committed to providing skills training that spans vocational/artisan and soft skills and on-the-job training for graduates and workers alike, to ensure that they aren’t lagging behind in evolution of the workplace.

Our focus is on rural areas because they are those with most of the resources and human capital that can transform cities, nations and the world at large.

We have the objective of connecting trained rural artisans with excellent soft skills to the market outside their geographical area. Radix Nest also seeks to grow the economic ecosystem in rural areas by providing courses for small business owners and young entrepreneurs to help them structure their business and implement practices that would make them world-class operations.

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