My advice: idea first, capital second

Advice from a social entrepreneur in Rwanda

Rwandan social entrepreneur and mentor at FabLab, Lambert Rulindana, shares some advice for entrepreneurs and changemakers.


I’m Lambert Rulindana, I’m coming from Rwanda.

What I can tell the youth who are looking at me now is:

Don’t be afraid of anything.

Don’t look for capital before you generate an idea.

First, generate your idea and then don’t be afraid of the capital.

When you have an idea, everything will be easy for you. Just try to work out the way you can do your best.

Don’t put your arm in your pocket and just stand like that. So keep it up, try to express your idea to others. One time you’re going to meet with someone who can help you.

Don’t be afraid of your idea. Keep it up.

That is my message for you. Thank you.

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