Introducing DOT’s 2018 YouthLAB

We’re excited to introduce our 2018 Youth Leadership Advisory Board (YouthLAB)!

DOT’s YouthLAB is a group of young leaders from across Africa and the Middle East who play a key role in capturing and sharing insight on issues, opportunities, challenges, and emerging trends for youth. Over the course of the year, YouthLAB members act as researchers, ambassadors, strategic council, and community builders for DOT. YouthLAB members work with DOT for a one-year term, and new members are nominated and selected annually.

Our 2018 YouthLAB team includes six members representing Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Lebanon and Jordan. 

Meet DOT’s 2018 YouthLAB (click their photos to learn more about them and watch their introduction videos): 

Eric Edem Agbana
Dalia Hasan Akileh
Mekdes Bogale
Marwa Harb
Rachel Okwar
Fredrick H. Semainda

This year, Eric, Daliah, Mekedes, Marwa, Rachel, and Fredrick will be working in four key functions:

  • Researchers: as researchers, the 2018 YouthLAB will focus on the challenges and opportunities faced by young female entrepreneurs across Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. 
  • Ambassadors: the YouthLAB team will be supported to participate in conferences and meetings with stakeholders around key issues related to youth empowerment, women’s empowerment, digital opportunities, and social innovation. 
  • Strategic council: YouthLAB plays a critical role in ensuring that DOT’s work is relevant to youth, especially as we scale our impact. Throughout the year, YouthLAB members will contribute to DOT’s program design and strategic direction. 
  • Learning and community building: The YouthLAB team will participate in virtual and face-to-face learning opportunities to deepen their knowledge as young leaders working with DOT and beyond. To kick off their 2018 learning experience, the team will participate in a gender equality course series. Peer-to-peer learning, building networks, and exchanging ideas across borders will be a key component of their experience.

We look forward to learning from and collaborating with our 2018 YouthLAB team this year!