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Inspiring Journeys from Daring to Shift Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives

  Cows weren’t part of Glory Mtei’s five-year plan.  After all, she had grown up surrounded by lanky herds of cattle in a farming community not far from Tanzania’s Serengeti plains, and she wanted a change. She moved away for college and dreamed of landing a nice 9-5 job in an office somewhere. But when […]

DOT Celebrates with 46 #GirlsinICT Street Team Graduates

In June 2021, on Girls in ICT Day, DOT announced the #GirlsInICT Street Team, a youth-led response to the gender digital divide. The third edition of the Street Team model, launched in 2020 as a COVID response initiative, welcomed 46 youth social innovators and entrepreneurs in Africa and the Middle East who are creating opportunities […]

How to Meaningfully Engage Young Social Innovators in Pandemic Recovery

In the midst of uncertainty and global crisis, youth are innovating.  At Digital Opportunity Trust, we’re seeing inspiring examples of youth social entrepreneurs in our network that have the digital skills, gender equality, and facilitation knowledge necessary to rapidly innovate and intervene where their communities need it most.  They are tackling the education crisis with […]

Glossary of Change: The Language of Social Impact

Community change can come with some complicated concepts. Social innovation, social entrepreneurship, community development, global citizenship — all these terms can be confusing. Yet these are the words you come across when reading about community change or listening to speeches from innovators worldwide. Not sure what all of these mean? Let’s look look at some […]

What Is Social Entrepreneurship, Anyway?

If you have been hearing the words “social entrepreneur” a lot lately, you are not alone. Social entrepreneurship is a new way of doing business, one that is gaining popularity worldwide. But who and what is a social entrepreneur, exactly? Social entrepreneurs have many characteristics in common with traditional entrepreneurs. Both are trying to fill […]

5 Characteristics of Successful Social Entrepreneurs

So you want to be a social entrepreneur? The good news is that anyone can start a project that earns money, creates a solution to an existing problem, and has positive community impact. Social entrepreneurs are found around the world and in every industry — but the characteristics that make them successful are similar no […]

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