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Daring to Shift: Placing Young Women at the Centre of Inclusive Growth

Digital Opportunity Trust invites you to join the launch of an innovative and creative multinational program that supports youth and young women as social innovators and change makers in their communities in Africa and the Middle East.  A partnership with the Government of Canada, with Daring to Shift DOT is creating an ecosystem of partners who […]

International Youth Day: inclusive digital and social innovation

Happy International Youth Day!  This year’s International Youth Day is highlighting the efforts of young people around the world who are engaging with local, national and global institutions to solve social, economic and environmental challenges within their communities.  In light of this year’s global pandemic,  youth continue to show their resiliency, strength and drive to […]

Five #DOTYouth who are transforming digital education

The global pandemic has  created an education crisis. Governments around the world have shut down schools and educational institutions in effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. According to UNESCO, over 72% of students globally have been impacted by school closures, leading to interrupted learning, poor nutrition, social isolation and an increased exposure to violence […]

World Youth Skills Day: Enhancing the skills of women and girls in ICT

Aisha Abdulkadir and Ruth Kaveke, Kenya It’s World Youth Skills Day! We are celebrating by highlighting the phenomenal work of two young women who are responding to social challenges in their community by bridging the gender divide in STEM. We are pleased to feature two #DOTYouth Aisha Abdulkadir and Ruth Kaveke, founders of Pwani Teknowgalz […]

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017 with #DOTYouth

For Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017, three #DOTYouth hosted Facebook Live video chats about their experiences as entrepreneurs, social innovators, and changemakers. They shared their entrepreneurship journey, what inspires them, and advice for other young social innovators and entrepreneurs. If you missed the Facebook Live events, you can check out the videos below! Shadrack Kamenya, Tanzania I’m […]

A youth-led economy of social good could change education systems — and the world

There are many challenges facing education systems. Where I live, in the Bekaa area of Lebanon, children — especially girls — aren’t able to explore their creativity, innovation, and technical skills because of a lack of human resources, funding, and opportunities in school systems. At the same time, there are many young people like me who are struggling in […]

3 Ways to Find Funding for Your Social Enterprise in Africa

Finding capital for a project can be challenging, and this is no exception for those starting social enterprises. Young people worldwide face the greatest difficulty in finding funding. Much of this is because of a struggle to access formal banking services. In fact, young people are 44% less likely to save money through a traditional […]

How Entrepreneurship Translates Around the World

The definition of what makes an entrepreneur is different for everyone. In the English language, however, the dictionary definition is clear: an entrepreneur is a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money. But did you know the literal definition of entrepreneurship can mean different things depending […]

5 Characteristics of Successful Social Entrepreneurs

So you want to be a social entrepreneur? The good news is that anyone can start a project that earns money, creates a solution to an existing problem, and has positive community impact. Social entrepreneurs are found around the world and in every industry — but the characteristics that make them successful are similar no […]

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