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February 9, 2023

Our ways of living, working, and learning are deeply ingrained with technology, and many have been forced into digital transformation. Yet, the digital economy’s potential is not equally distributed. Digital literacy, usability, affordability, and accessibility are among the many barriers preventing dignified participation in the global economy. 

In 2022, DOT announced a bold commitment to deliver digital literacy and 21st-century skills in the marginalized communities and schools of Africa and the Middle East to reach 1 million people by 2025, adding to our cumulative reach of 3 million young people since 2002. In making our commitment, we became a member of the World Economic Forum’s EDISON Alliance and the 1 Billion Lives Challenge, joining 150 digital leaders across the globe to ensure that every person can affordably participate in the digital economy. 

This year at Davos, the EDISON Alliance celebrated its second Anniversary and launched its first Impact Report, and the results were impressive. 

Together the members of the alliance have impacted 450 million people around the globe, activated 250 initiatives across 90 countries, and collectively focused on scaling social impact that reaches marginalized or excluded groups. Together we’re addressing pressing global social challenges posed by the SDGs in health, finance, and education. The SDGs require innovative and socially embedded solutions that leverage digital technology; this is where DOT plays a significant role. 

While we continue to talk about bridging the digital divide through; building digital infrastructure, increasing digital literacy, and other relevant skills to create access, DOT emphasizes an additional layer –  meaningful participation.

As we see it, any social innovation’s success depends on having a deep, nuanced, contextual understanding of social challenges. Leveraging our local-first approach, we have positively impacted over 177,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries across our network of 10 countries from January 2021 through mid-2022.

As an active and vocal champion of the Alliance, DOT has been recognized as thought leaders, actors, and achievers. DOT Jordan was recognized for its Digital Skills program in the Impact Report – it tells an inspiring story of what we can do when we mobilize young people with digital literacy, 21st-century skills, and self-confidence. 

As we move into our 21st year – we look forward to continuing our impact, sharing more success from Jordan, Lebanon, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, the UK and our expansion countries, and achieving our milestones so that together within our constellation of countries, we reach 1 million young people by 2025. 

Join us in recognizing our achievements in the Alliance. 

Join us in celebrating the sustainable, local, youth-led impact

Join us and advance digital inclusion at scale in Africa and the Middle East.

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