Launching the Principles for Digital Inclusion in the Green Economy

OTTAWA, Canada, February 12, 2024 — Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) is thrilled to unveil a significant milestone resulting from the collaborative efforts of the EDISON Alliance Sprint Group. In the span of seven months, from May to November 2023, DOT, alongside esteemed partners like NetHope, Dubai Cares, Goodwall, The Digital School, UNICEF, and other members, […]

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DOT and the Cisco Foundation Announce a Partnership to Develop a Youth-led Response to the Global Climate Challenge

DOT and the Cisco Foundation announce a partnership to develop a youth-led response to the global climate challenge Responding to the calls to action from youth within DOT’s network across Africa and the Middle East – young people who are living through some of the worst impacts of the climate emergency – Digital Opportunity Trust […]


DOT and Na’amal Announce Digital Livelihoods in Ethiopia in Partnership with the Conrad Hilton Foundation

April 18, 2023 The number of displaced persons has more than doubled in the last ten years alone, now there are more than 89.3 million displaced people around the world, and the tragedy doesn’t end there. According the the UNHCR Global Trends Report, forced displacement will exceed 100 million people as political conflicts intensify, and […]


DOT Lebanon: Empowering Communities Online

In the middle of the Levant falls a small country with plenty of challenges. Lebanon, one of the smallest countries in the Middle East and the world, is the host of the largest number of refugees per capita. The government estimates Lebanon is home to 1.5 million Syrian refugees and around 14,815 refugees of other […]


Digital Skills for Business to Bridge the Gender Digital Divide

Known as the “land of a thousand hills”, Rwanda is one of the continent’s smallest nations, and boasts a youthful population – the median age in Rwanda is 20. Rwanda is asserting itself as a major information and technology hub, as part of the country’s ambitious plan to become an industrial and technological service centre […]


DOT at CSW67: Creating Enabling Environments for Young Women

March 6, 2023 Progress towards gender equality is looking bleak – in recent years, the number of employed women globally has declined, over 400 million women and girls continue to live in extreme poverty, and food insecurity levels are 10% higher for women. Young women and girls also continue to face limited access to digital […]


Progress Loading – On the way to 4 Million Lives by 2025

February 9, 2023 Our ways of living, working, and learning are deeply ingrained with technology, and many have been forced into digital transformation. Yet, the digital economy’s potential is not equally distributed. Digital literacy, usability, affordability, and accessibility are among the many barriers preventing dignified participation in the global economy.  In 2022, DOT announced a […]


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