Amplifying Youth Voices: Unveiling the Global Youth Leadership Advisory Board

March 27, 2024 ⎯⎯⎯ At the heart of DOT lies the Global Youth Leadership Advisory Board (GYLAB), a dynamic force dedicated to co-creating innovative solutions and amplifying youth voices. GYLAB takes center stage in co-design efforts, collaborating with young individuals to enhance the relevance and impact of DOT’s programs worldwide. Serving as Strategic Advisors, GYLAB ensures that youth perspectives play a pivotal role in shaping organizational strategies, fostering harmonious alignment.

DOT’s Global Youth Leadership Advisory Board (GYLAB) reinforces the priority DOT places on engaging with youth as critical players in both DOT’s direction and growth, as well as in their own professional development, as evidenced by DOT’s Youth Engagement Manager below:

“The GYLAB and young people have been the heartbeat of DOT. Together with the DOT Youth network, a powerful network is formed that drives a meaningful transformation in communities across the globe. It has been an incredible journey so far and I look forward to seeing the continued growth and impact that the GYLAB will achieve” 

– Ann Nderitu, Youth Engagement Manager

GYLAB: Shaping DOT Through Youth-Led Innovation and Advocacy

The GYLAB sits at the core of DOT’s vibrant community and plays a pivotal role in shaping initiatives like the Going Beyond project. Comprising young leaders from Africa, the Middle East, and the UK, GYLAB prioritizes youth voices, delving into diverse topics such as digital engagement, inclusivity, climate action, innovation, and economic opportunities.

The “Going Beyond – Partnering for a Youth-Led Future” project aims to scale DOT’s evidence-based, peer-to-peer model within four African countries: Côte d’Ivoire, Malawi, Zambia, and Tanzania. This model positions young people at the center of the solution, harnessing their creativity, energy, and passion to make a difference. As Youth Ambassadors, GYLAB actively connects, advocates for, and promotes initiatives like Going Beyond, utilizing digital platforms to garner support and amplify DOT’s mission. 

Over the coming year, the GYLAB will fulfill a crucial role within DOT’s ecosystem, providing guidance and insights to the DOT leadership, staff, and stakeholders. The board will further amplify the voices of young people, ensuring that their priorities, emerging trends, and pertinent issues are not only heard but also integrated into decision-making processes.

 The GYLAB’s key mandate will be:

Co-design: Collaborating for Creativity

Co-design is about designing with people rather than for them. The GYLAB will play an integral role in co-designing youth programming within the DOT space to inform best practices while incorporating a human-centered design approach. The GYLAB represents a unique opportunity to learn and exchange experiences from their different communities and countries – an example of global learning.

Strategic Advisors: Informing DOT’s Future 

The GYLAB will provide youth perspectives to DOT’s strategic leadership. Formal engagement will be established with DOT’s Board of Directors as both an advisory to the Directors and as a channel for mentoring in governance for the GYLAB members.

Ambassadors: Engaging their Peer Groups 

The GYLAB will connect with other youth and networks of youth to promote DOT’s impact. Responding to the persistence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021-2022 cohort will use digital platforms to operate virtually, using systems like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to engage with their peer groups, perform research, and share findings.

DOT is pleased to announce the 2024/25 Global Youth Leadership Advisory Board! This group of ten outstanding, visionary, and development-conscious young women and men from the DOT network has been selected to engage with DOT as co-designers, strategic advisors, and ambassadors.

Alain Ibarushamaboko, is a seasoned advocate for youth and women’s empowerment, leading Better Life Adventures, providing impactful life skills training for youth. With 8 years of experience, including roles at DOT Rwanda and the GYLAB, Alain has influenced diverse groups positively. His civil engineering background complements his coaching expertise, particularly in water sanitation and technology. Through his leadership in various youth organizations, Alain has impacted over 4,000 individuals, driven by his commitment to empowering others and navigating global challenges.

Mable Chileshe, is a gender advocate dedicated to digital inclusion and social justice, particularly in girls’ education & digital Human rights. She founded AmplifyHer STEM, empowering Zambian girls in STEM through mentorship and experiential learning. Mable works with marginalized girls providing support and fostering skills in emotional intelligence, digital literacy, and global citizenship.

Raya Bou Jaber, is a continuing member of DOT’s Global Youth Leadership Advisory Board, representing Lebanon. Raya brings extensive experience in women empowerment and youth development. She holds a Masters Degree in Business Management and has been working with young entrepreneurs for over 7 years.

Caroline Mohoni, an accomplished IT professional and CISA-certified, is ICT Audit Manager at Mkombozi Commercial Bank PLC, leveraging experience from e-Government Authority (e-GA) and KPMG East Africa. She leads TechHorizon Tanzania, focusing on women’s digital skills and is recognized as a Top 25 Women in Management Africa (2024). Committed to youth empowerment and digital inclusion, she champions initiatives in Tanzania.

Angelika Sharygina, is a political researcher, presenter and tech for good entrepreneur representing the UK. She is the founder and CEO of a startup that is creating solutions to combat misinformation to power the next generation of critical thinkers, and she is completing a doctorate in information integrity at Trinity College Dublin. She is a frequent keynote speaker on topics such as fake news, digital rights, forced migration, war studies and sustainability.

Dawit Teshome, a seasoned training professional, focuses on youth-centered projects, especially in Entrepreneurship and Employability. With experience as a community facilitator at DOT, he now serves as a Training Officer at Africa Jobs Network, coordinating Dereja’s services to enhance skills and opportunities across regions. Proficient in facilitation, leadership, and creativity, he delivers impactful training in Employability, startup strategies, customer service, facilitation skills, and essential life skills.

Upile Matululu, an IT professional, advocates for marginalized groups and empowers women in technology while mentoring STEM students, enhancing Malawi’s tech scene. As a member of GirlUp Blantyre and a Young African Leader Initiative alumnus, she champions girls’ rights and civic leadership. Engaging with IT organizations, she provides innovative solutions and contributes to corporate social responsibility, positively impacting her community.

Jean-Désiré Kouassi, a seasoned Communications Officer with over 6 years of experience, excels in crafting engaging digital content and driving impactful communication initiatives. With a focus on advocacy and youth empowerment, he leverages his leadership skills to bridge the digital divide and equip young leaders for success. As the founder of “Be Digit-Wise,” he dedicates himself to equipping young Ivorians with digital skills and social values.

Eunice Wanjiru, is a community leader at DOT Kenya where she coordinates a training program that seeks to promote monetization of content creation. She has a passion for working with technology as well as impacting change in her peers and the community at large. She is a consultant in online jobs, a mentor as well and is passionate about youths financial stability. She sees herself changing the lives of thousands of people and impacting the Kenyan societies through DOT.

Waad Al Amro, is a young energetic and highly sociable lady from Jordan. She is a visionary young leader and has been participating in DOT Jordan’s programs to upskill herself as she looks forward to joining the workforce in the near future. She is passionate about leading change in her community and has served as a GYLAB member for two years between 2021 and 2023. 

Stay tuned for more updates, events, and insights from GYLAB as we continue to lead the way in meaningful youth engagement. Together, let’s create a world where every voice has the power to make a difference.

Read more about the GYLAB members: GYLAB Team 

For more information about the Global Youth Leadership Advisory Board, please contact:

Ann Nderitu

Youth Engagement Manager

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